Because I'm the Goddamn Geckogirl


and within ten minutes Iluvatar’s sweet heavenly orchestra
has become Melkor’s doombattle moshpit slaughterhouse (x)

THIS is brilliant! The Great Music! 


necromancer in training + his pets


necromancer in training + his pets


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My little cave cat

whiny life post

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A game I’m working on, on my own

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An empty space where somebody used to stand 

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Some more picture from Connichi <3

The convention side lacked some fitting locations for my Sauron cosplay. So we ended up taking a stroll through the park…

The pictures are taken by Niklas, who I didn’t saw for some years, so we spend most of the time during the shooting to catch up on each others lifes but I think we still managed to get some nice pictures done. ;)

Sauron: gameofneedles

Design: melkorwashere

Photos: Niklas

for the daylight people